Award-winning, New York City based Director Corydon ‘Cordon’ Wagner is known around town as the resident digital humanist with a tech-happy streak. His obsession with all things space, rocket fuel, renewable, rewindable, and rewatchable has garnered him a reputation for human-centric, innovation-forward storytelling grounded in purpose.

As a multidisciplinary work horse, Corydon has worked across industries ranging from healthcare, to electronics, clothing, gaming, and energy. As a director, he’s of the mind that nothing is too small to be a good story - the personal can be heroic and there can be glory in the everyday. His distinctly unique usage of color, sound scapes, technology, and talent of all ages has smittened audiences worldwide and awarded him jobs for leading brands such as Sony, Virgin Galactic, Samsung, GAP and Google. 

Represented in the United States by Ataboy Studios and worldwide by Two of Us.



Collaborating with agencies, networks, and brands directly Cordyon’s work has spanned the globe from India to South Africa, Nova Scotia, UK, Italy, and France. In his breakout year as a commercial director, he received a 2012 Young Director Award at the Cannes Golden Lion Festival. He has also been featured in SHOOT and SHOTS Cannes issues and honored with Ciclopes, AICP, Summit International, Hermes Creative, and Webby Branded Content awards.